Below is a list of the many amazing a cappella groups in the A Cappella Club. (BYU Vocal Point and BYU Noteworthy are generally considered separate from the Club, since they are run by BYU rather than by students.)

Current Groups


1AChord is a mixed group of 11 musicians and was formed in Fall 2015 by some former members of the group Asymmetric. 1AChord covers a wide range of genres, from pop to musical theater to rock. Although 1AChord continues to grow, adapt, and learn, the group holds itself to a high standard of excellence and continually strives for improvement in all facets of performance. Experienced musicians and blossoming singers alike contribute to the success of 1AChord, and the group's goal is to continue to excel and compete among the other a cappella ensembles at BYU. The group is also unique in the fact that none of the founding members are native to the state of Utah.

A Lotta Fermata

A Lotta Fermata was founded in Fall 2013 by Alayna Nelson. After she left to serve an LDS mission in Fall 2014, leadership was taken over by Ryan Jenson. The group continued until Jan 2015, when it disbanded until the return of Alayna in Fall 2016. Now it's back!


Attention is one of only two all-female groups on campus. Attention was founded in January of 2013 by Mikaela Kemsley and began as a themed group that sang only musical theatre, a genre most acappella groups never touch. Attention performs primarily Disney and Broadway arrangements, but since the fall of 2014 has branched out to include popular music repertoire. Attention is made up of ten women, and is currently directed by Kyle Nelson.


Audacity is the "club group", meaning it's run by the Club as opposed to by other individuals. For more information, follow the link.

Beyond Measure

Beyond Measure was created to continue to uplift people through pop music as with other a cappella groups here at BYU. In its first year, Beyond Measure went from a brand-new group to a nationally ranked and recognized group and wants to continue to be a source of good in the world. Beyond Measure's vision is to be a professional, unified group centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ that inspires all through uplifting music to do good works in order to become closer to the Savior. Beyond Measure's mission is to accomplish these things by personally strengthening ourselves daily - physically, emotionally, and spiritually - to be able to strengthen others, not only through music, but acts of charity and service as well.

Duly Noted

Duly Noted is a mixed a cappella group composed of 12 students from BYU. Duly Noted finds joy in making music together and they love sharing that joy with others. Since the group's creation in 2014 they have been named winners of the 2015 Riff-off at The Wall, they've released two music videos, are excited to release another music video this semester.

Familiar Ring

Familiar Ring is the self-proclaimed "most attractive" group on campus, and was started in 2007 with the intent to get girls. It has been a complete success, given that all of the original creators are now off and married with kids. Their successors, however, are mostly single and carry on the noble goal of the group. Specializing in love ballads, goofy dance moves, and divine vocals, Familiar Ring aims to leave women everywhere swooning!


freeVerse was founded in Fall 2015 by three former members of Familiar Ring (Preston Alder, Michael Christensen, and Daniel Rellaford) along with two freshmen (Brian Groberg and Maryn Hooper). After both freshmen left on missions they added four new voices to their ranks: Lauren Miner, Jessica Jensen, Spencer Frame, and Cameron Hernandez. Their name "freeVerse" stems from their free style of arranging, where each member arranges his or her own part. As their first major project they submitted an entry into the Macy's "I Want You Back" A Cappella Challenge which garnered more views than any other collegiate entry.

In Tune

In Tune is a mixed nine-person a cappella group whose mission is to share truth and bring joy to others through music. They were formed the Fall of 2015 and since then have sung in a variety of places. In Tune released their first single, "Geronimo/Brave" in the Fall of 2015 and it can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and other distribution sites. They are releasing an EP in the Winter of 2016 which will be their first album to hit the stores. In Tune covers a wide variety of songs including contemporary pop music, hymns, and original music. The name of the group reflects the members' desires to be in tune with God and help others to feel that same connection.

Measure Up

Measure Up was formed Winter semester of 2016 with the goal of breaking into the BYU a cappella scene with great music and fun song arrangements. Performing primarily pop songs arranged by its own members, the group hopes to entertain audiences and Measure Up to their aca-peers by always performing awesome and enjoyable music.


Muse-icality was formed in Fall 2015 by two siblings Christopher and Emilie Neu. The group was formed with the idea of doing cross-cultural music and Broadway, but as it developed it came to include Disney, big band jazz, and other genres uncommonly sung. Muse-icality is comprised of nine people that enjoy bringing music to life.


Provocalize was formed in Fall 2014 by Alex Winder as a mixed a cappella group under the name Major 6th. After increasing from a 6-person group to a 10-person group the following semester, the name was changed to avoid a number association, and with that new name came a new and improved sound. No era or style of music is off limits for the group, singing everything from early Disney classics to boy band material to soulful, modern pop. The vision for Provocalize is to be seen as one of the most energetic and exciting performing groups on campus, and while they are still new in the game, they are on their way to reaching that goal soon.


Rifftide (Facebook and Instagram) is an energetic seven member mixed group that combines tight harmonies and crisp choreography to create fun and engaging performances. They primarily cover pop music, but love incorporating elements from other genres as well, including alternative rock, country, and Christmas. Since their debut in Fall 2016, Rifftide has performed at several BYU A Cappella Jams, released multiple music videos and singles, and was featured on the Best Of BYU A Cappella CD. The group was founded by NataLee Hawkins and Jonny Price, and is currently directed by Isaac McDougal.

The Staff

The Staff was born in Jan 2015, when the club officers thought it would be fun to sing a number for the Winter 2015 opening social. They followed that up with a performance at the Winter 2015 Y-Cappella Showcase, and a new group was born.


In the fall of 2012, intrigued by the proposition of a cappella but worried of extensive time commitments, Steven Christiansen (director and founder) along with several of his friends, came together and formed the group. The purpose was to sing, perform, and make music in a positive, stress-free environment. All too often the things we love doing get put to the side as we pursue our futures, whether that be in relationships or school or careers. Everyone in the group was passionate about singing, but all of their other commitments had previously kept them from pursuing this thing that they loved. It took about a year--and a lot of trial and error--for the group to gel, but the group is doing great now! They have mostly performed contemporary style music, but occasionally have dabbled in more classical or Broadway styles. But no matter the song or style, the ultimate goal is to leave the audience feeling enlightened, entertained, and Up-Beat.

Past Groups

The Advocates

The Advocates was a group that went from 2008 to 2012. They sang in many of the BYU A Cappella shows and opened for well known groups like Noteworthy, Vocal Point and Yale's The Whiffenpoofs. Many of their members were former Vocal Point members (Paul Bodily, Grant Zabriskie, Mike Lemon, Keith Evans) and many of their members were later members of Vocal Point (Ross Welch, Jake Tengelsen, Keith Evans).


Asymmetric was formed in the fall of 2011 by Tiffany Garner and some friends; the name arising due to the mismatched number of men and women singers. The next year, everyone except Tiff retired from the group so a new eccentric set of singers was recruited. Tiff continued to direct the group until the torch was passed to Jon Young in Fall 2014 with a group of five guys and four girls. The focus of Asymmetric was always simply to enjoy a cappella music and to invite their audiences to have fun with them. In Fall 2015 all of the 2014-15 group was gone, but some previous members had returned so the group was reborn as 1AChord.

Clean Cut

Clean Cut existed in Winter 2015. They were a reunion of the 2013-2014 Familiar Ring group, many of whom were gone in Fall 2014 and hence lost their spots in Familiar Ring. Clean Cut performed at the Winter 2015 Y-Cappella Showcase and got a track on the BOBAC 2015 CD.


Grace existed during the 2013-2014 school year, and were part of our BOBA 2014 album. They were founded and led by David Peterson.

Morris Code

Morris Code ran from 2011 to 2014 carrying the name of the founder, David Morris. The group was organized as a place for the members to simply have fun singing with one another. During its time, Morris Code featured contemporary songs arranged by their own members and entertaining choreography.


Soundwave existed during the 2013-2014 school year, and was led by Jonathan Bean. They performed in the Apr 2014 Acappellooza concert.


UpriSing existed during the 2014-2015 school year, and was led by Mallory Wynne.