BYU A Cappella Club

Did you know that BYU is home to one of the most thriving a cappella communities on the planet? With 13 current groups (as of Fall 2015), we likely have more a cappella singers than any other university. Two groups are run by BYU, namely Vocal Point and Noteworthy; the other groups are student-run. The BYU A Cappella Club is a home to all of the student-run a cappella groups. The purpose of the club is to promote a cappella music, to serve as a resource for new and existing groups, and to provide opportunities for a cappella singers to perform and record their music. Each semester we sponsor and run a non-auditioned group called Audacity, hold events such as the "A Cappella Jam" and the "Y-Cappella Showcase", and since 2014 have been producing an annual "Best of" CD.


The BYU A Cappella Club was founded in Fall 1992 by Dave Boyce and Bob Ahlander, the two guys who founded Vocal Point in 1991. From the very beginning, the purpose of the club was to give opportunities for music-loving students to perform and participate in collegiate a cappella. This is done by helping students form their own a cappella groups, and to provide performance opportunities each semester. The club has an established tradition to put on a big a cappella concert each semester, known as the A Cappella Jam. It's been going on since Winter 1993! Previous performers at the A Cappella Jam have included InsideOut, VoiceMale, T Minus 5, Mister Tim, Infrared, and BYU's own Vocal Point and Noteworthy. Thanks to the A Cappella Club, BYU student groups have been able to perform in a concert with local a cappella professionals in front of sold-out crowds. In recent years, the number of student groups in the club have grown, leading to the establishment of another concert held each semester known as the Y-Cappella Showcase. The A Cappella Club has enjoyed more than two decades of phenomenal leadership by club presidents, faculty advisors, and countless club officers over the years. In 2013, under the leadership of club president Kyle Nelson and faculty advisor John Colton, the A Cappella Club began to pursue a new possibility: creating a professional club album. This endeavor became a great success, and the work of many students and faculty have contributed to the successful creation of a new cappella album series (Best of BYU A Cappella Club) that now includes albums from 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Like BYU itself, the focus of the club has always been on the students of BYU. The BYU A Cappella Club continues to fulfill the purpose for which it was created: "To promote a cappella music and provide opportunities for its performance in a gospel-centered environment." (See our club profile page on BYU's website.)