Club Officers

The most recent club elections were at the end of Winter 2015. Here are the current Club officers.

Current Officers

President - Korrin Dvorak Reese. Korrin has forever and always been a music enthusiast. She was your typical "music girl" throughout grade school, participating in every choir possible, on top of competitive show choir, musical theatre, and competition studio dance, and she started her own Vocal Jazz group when she was a junior. She didn't know anything about contemporary a cappella music until her entrance to BYU, where she joined the Club and sang in the all-female group Attention for one year and in the mixed group UpBeat the following year. She can't ever get enough! Korrin managed the CD initiative since its beginning two years ago as the Club's Vice President of Media Production. BYU Vocal Point (school pride!), Pentatonix, and University of Oregon's On the Rocks are some of her favorite groups. She studies Music Education: Choral Emphasis, and her biggest hobbies include composing and arranging both choral works and contemporary a cappella pieces. She sings in BYU Concert Choir. Serving also as Choral Vice President of BYU's collegiate chapter of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), Korrin is ecstatic to be the Club president! She lives in Springville with her husband Ryan, who keeps her musical studies and hobbies balanced with sports, cooking, and spending time outdoors.

VP of Audacity - Nick Totten. Nick's first exposure to contemporary a cappella was from a Utah group, InsideOut. Their hilarious and moving music (particularly their arrangements of LDS hymns and primary songs) was played often in his home in Minnesota, and it led to an admiration for another Utah group: BYU Vocal Point. Despite not making it into the group during his first year at BYU, Nick continued to develop his interest and skill in a cappella, especially in beat-boxing. Looking for a way to become more involved in the local a cappella scene, he performed in 2010 with the BYU A Cappella Club choir (now called Audacity), and became the group's director in 2013. He has also performed as a member of Asymmetric, The Staff (a group composed of the club officers), and DoubleBeat (a beat-box duet). Nick is an English Language major, double-minoring in editing and music, and is pursuing a library career. When he's not busy with music, words, and libraries, Nick likes to walk, enjoy local scenery, and play board games with friends and family. While Nick is out of town in Fall 2015, Alex Winder will help hold down the fort.

Director of Audacity (Fall 2015) - Alex Winder - Alex is filling in as the director of Audacity while Nick is out of town in Fall 2015. Picture and bio to come.

VP of Communications - Loriana Goulding. Loriana grew up in Southern California and has always loved music and performing. At the age of nine, she and three of her older sisters formed "The Goulding Sisters," a quartet that competed in local singing competitions and talent shows. Although it lasted for a short time, performing at such a young age instilled a love of singing, acting, and dance in her. As Loriana grew older, she became more involved in theatre arts by taking vocal lessons throughout middle and part of high school and also by participating in a local Christmas choir every year, plays, and classical ballet training. She even once had the opportunity to sing on a state-wide radio station! Being raised by a pianist, she also learned to love to play the piano and to love music even more. Coming to BYU and seeing "Noteworthy" perform was her first real exposure to A Cappella, and soon thereafter she joined the newly formed BYU A Cappella group "UpriSing." Although very challenging for her at first, she has grown to absolutely love A Cappella and it's unique sound and feel. Outside of music, Loriana enjoys teaching and competing in Tae Kwon Do as a black belt, creative writing, and doing special effects makeup.

VP of Communications (acting) - Stephen Christiansen. Steven is filling in for Loriana while she's out of town in Fall 2015. Steven grew up in a family of eight kids, he being number six, right after his twin, the fifth. At a young age in Littleton, Colorado, he fostered a love for music and singing, however his timid personality in the presence of his very sarcastic family members deterred him from pursuing his musical interests until later. When Steven's family moved to Salt Lake City when he was 14, he knew it was his opportunity to open up and experiment with his voice. He started taking voice lessons, singing in choirs and performing in theater opportunities. After graduating from high school, Steven went to BYU for one year before serving his mission in Lisbon, Portugal. It was there on his mission that he decided he wanted to do a cappella when he returned home. A year after his return from his mission he entered the a cappella scene, starting a new group, Up-Beat, which he has now directed for two years. During that time they have performed at various shows and have made it onto the club CD each year. Currently he is still working with his group while simultaneously preparing for medical school, which he will start in the fall of 2016. He hopes and intends to stay connected to the music world in one way or another after that.

VP of Media Productions - Shalae Ryder. Shalae grew up in different places but has lived longest in Texas, almost 13 years. She has always been a music lover and has been singing from a very young age. She participated in her high school's choir and competed and won at All-State competitions each year for solo singing in Texas. Entering college, her major was originally Vocal Performance but has since changed it after being exposed to more kinds of singing and fields of studies. Shalae's first exposure to a cappella was when she entered college and saw an audition for the BYU Jazz Voices. She participated in the group for the year before leaving on her mission. Returning back this past year, she joined the all-female a cappella group Attention and is a part of the Club. She has a strong passion for a cappella after being a part of these groups. Outside of singing, some hobbies include tennis (and most any sport!), playing percussion, and being with family and friends.

VP of Finances - Allison Morin - Allison comes from a small town called Payette, Idaho. Where not many students in her community were interested in music, Allison flourished. Alongside her elementary school best friend, the musical duo sang different showtunes at all of their community talent shows (“Wicked” being their favorite). Her love for music continued to grow as she performed at various piano recitals, played the flute in the high school band, and sang the National Anthem at multiple high school sporting events. With all of this love, however, she had no desire to pursue any of it in college. With a Microbiology major and a double minor in Business and Nutrition, she was sure she would have no time to join any groups or clubs. Her curiosity got the best of her when she went on a “date” with a friend to watch his roommate audition as a beat boxer for a cappella. With a lot of persuasion from her friends, she auditioned herself and landed a spot in UpBeat. “No, no. I don’t have time… I really didn’t want to audition,” she told the group director. But after convincing her to come to just one practice, she was hooked. And thus began her love for a cappella.

Faculty Advisor - John Colton. John has been a fan of contemporary a cappella music since discovering The Nylons as a freshman in college in 1988. His passion did not become complete, however, until near the end of his graduate school studies in physics at U.C. Berkeley; from ~1998-2000 he became a huge fan of the California Golden Overtones and the UC Men's Octet, attending nearly all of their concerts as well as their weekly outdoor practices/performances. Looking to give back to the a cappella community, he joined the staff of in 2008, and joined and became a CARA voter soon thereafter. He's been the BYU A Cappella Club advisor since 2012. He's also a singer in and on the board of directors of the Utah Baroque Ensemble, a local choral group. John's a professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department and lives in Orem with his wife Pauline and their two children. Besides music, physics, and family, John spends his time helping in the Young Men's program at his local LDS church and cheering for the Utah Jazz.

Past Presidents and Faculty Advisors

In April 2015 we tried to discover all of the past club presidents and faculty advisors. This is what we came up with. (If you have any corrections to this info, please let us know!)

Past Presidents

Past Faculty Advisors