The Best of BYU A Cappella Club 2017 album is now here!


Track list (with audio clips):
1. Better When I'm Dancin' - Duly Noted
2. twenty one pilots medley – Familiar Ring
3. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - Up-Beat
4. Home - BYU Vocal Point
5. Sledgehammer - Measure Up
6. Apologize - BYU Noteworthy
7, Wildest Dreams Mashup - Attention
8. No Matter Where You Are - Duly Noted
9. We All Need Saving - BYU Vocal Point
10. The Middle-Heartbeat Song - 1AChord
11. Car Radio - A Lotta Fermata
12. Drag Me Down - BYU Noteworthy
13. Unchained Melody-Can't Help Falling in Love - In Tune
14. Sing - Rifftide

Download the album art/liner notes.
CDs are $14. To purchase physical CDs, please contact John Colton, If you're local we'll make arrangements for you to pick up the CDs or for us to deliver them to you; if you are from farther away we can ship the CDs to you for probably no additional charge.

The album is also available online from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and possibly other places as well.