Best of BYU A Cappella Club 2015


Track list (with audio clips):
1. Dare You To Move – BYU Vocal Point
2. Lord, I Would Follow Thee – BYU Noteworthy
3. Something To Believe In - Familiar Ring
4. Skyfall – Provocalize
5. Rather Be - Duly Noted
6. All About That Bass (Parody) - Familiar Ring
7. Gravity - Up-Beat
8. Songs From a New World Mashup – Attention
9. Danny Boy – BYU Vocal Point
10. Put Your Records On - Duly Noted
11. Give Your Heart A Break – BYU Noteworthy
12. Beside You - Familiar Ring
13. It's Time for the Best Day of My Life - Attention
14. Stay - Provocalize
15. I Won’t Give Up – Clean Cut

Download the album art/liner notes.
CDs for the BOBAC 2015 album are now only $10! To purchase, please contact John Colton, If you're local we'll make arrangements for you to pick up the CDs or for us to deliver them to you; if you are from farther away we can usually ship the CDs to you for no additional charge.

Digital downloads of the album are available on many sites, but our preference (because they take the lowest cut) is

And, in case you missed it, here's a link to our CD from last year!