BOBA 2014: Best of BYU A Cappella

BOBA 2014 Album Art

Track list (with audio clips): 1. Familiar Ring - When Can I See You Again/What Makes You Beautiful 2. Noteworthy - Parachute 3. Asymmetric - Perfect 4. Attention - Let It Go 5. Familiar Ring - Notbroken
6. Up Beat - Demons 7. Noteworthy - Say (All I Need) 8. Grace - Pompeii 9. Familiar Ring - Counting Stars
10. Beyond Measure - Burn 11. BYU Vocal Point - Black Balloon 12. BYU Vocal Point - Remember When It Rained

Download the album art/liner notes.

Physical CDs for BOBA 2014 are now only $5! To order, please contact John Colton, If you're local we'll make arrangements for you to pick up the CDs or for us to deliver them to you; if you are from farther away we can usually ship the CDs to you for no additional charge.

The album is also available in digital format from many sites, but our preference (because they take the lowest cut) is  The digital album does not include the two Vocal Point tracks.